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4 Steps leroy neiman prints

1, hook contour

Classical oil painting silhouette is also very particular about, in general we cooked brown, gray Payne, zinc white hook into a light gray outline, to be dry;

2, sketching draft

LeRoy Neiman Mickey Mantle prints direct painting before painting the real color, we must first cooked brown, gray Payne, raw sienna, zinc white into a graded color scale, painted a sketch-like monochrome painting, to be dry after thoroughly, rubbed with Shar raised portion;

3, layered plain

The biggest feature is the classical techniques cover stained, methods: modulation spent-color oil painting color to transparent. Layered color to monochrome painting after layer dry, polished, and then the next level, from dark to bright, layers of rendering.

4, save

Good painting after painting, in order to allow LeRoy Neiman Mickey Mantle picture better, longer preservation, we want half of the painting after some "Varnish."

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