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Development and Prospect of Chinese realistic painting

Realist painting had a glorious past , however, enter the 1990s, the position and influence of realist painting has been weakened to some extent . As the Chinese oil painters began widely accepted influence of western modern art , some painters to LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan grasp the true core of their national traditional arts , impatient , quick success, they draw some of the so-called avant-garde contemporary works , as well as people who engage in device behavior , thinking that we can with international standards. Some people believe that realism is the concept behind the painting . In such an environment , the status of realist painting has been shaken , almost at the edge of one , was transformed state. It was claimed that: " realist painting will soon perish ."


Realist painting really decline? In this regard, we have no need to worry. Realist painting in the West over the past few centuries has made brilliant achievements , showing the strong vitality of the arts . But only a few of the paintings into China a hundred years , in fact , people 's awareness and understanding on the painting is still superficial. Western painting for centuries accumulation is not able to digest that we had a short time , we have to hold open-minded , serious attitude stop and painstaking research . Our era has developed rapidly, so some people think that can not adapt realist painting and meet the aesthetic needs of the general public , they should consider painting with a lot of fashion as a modern and avant-garde art forms , they used to go away from the traditional way of innovation . In fact, this idea is wrong, they forget to review and research traditions can also get new inspiration and nourishment , opening up new avenues . Engage in the arts , not only the passion and imagination , but also need to have a pragmatic spirit , the house in the accumulation of experience needed to solve leroy neiman rocky practical problems one by one . "A society can not lack of thought to promote artistic innovation , expanding the range of artistic expression , but thousands of years of artistic experience tells us : focusing on the accumulation of artistic creation , it is a gradual process innovation " In our today's perspective, the West Some realist painting in history is still a classic , showing the classic stuff never gets old , will not perish.



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