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Europe, the great 17th-century painter four Kingdoms: Rembrandt

Rembrandt and his wife gave birth to four children, only the smallest one alive, but his wife died shortly after birth, children , lived with him and the maid , the maid bore him a daughter , for being the official church condemned as " sinful life ." Because of his frequent purchases in order to draw a lot of clothes and painting tools, and never cared about LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan the property , so soon to the brink of bankruptcy. In 1669 , he died in the sick , the only side to accompany her daughter , died and was buried in an unnamed Western church cemetery .


Rembrandt life left 600 oil paintings , prints and 300 pieces 2000 pieces eclipse sketches , painted almost 100 self-portraits , and almost all his family appear in his paintings too .


Rembrandt creative career four stages:



Leiden period ( about 1625 - 1631 ) , Rembrandt 's painting genre extensive, including portraits, genre paintings , landscapes, religious paintings , history paintings. There 's earliest extant works department for religious painting " Saint Stephen was killed by stones " ( approximately 1626 , Lyon Museum of Fine Arts ) . Such paintings affected Lastman and Utrecht School painter Horst Hund , using the Italian painter Caravaggio strong chiaroscuro painting to enhance the dramatic effect of the screen . It is the characters portrayed , through subtle changes in facial expressions capture deeper to reveal leroy neiman rocky its inner life . In addition , from Leiden period, start drawing a lot of portraits . He has been interested in painting the elderly and the rich features of the various characters . Total number of authentic self-portrait is currently estimated at between 60-100 pieces . In order to create characters with personality characteristics , the painter to study physiognomy life-long effort. The results of exploration in this area , but his performance is an important part of the technique .


(by leroyneimanprints)

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