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Reflections on the status of the development of oil painting

Expressive painting neglected



In the past I have participated in many important exhibitions judging discovered painting photos, copy photos or use pictures as a creative inkjet papers, became payable secret weapon creation. In the creation of the data collected, the LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan camera does provide effective help for the creation, but the machine can not replace thinking. Not to say that can not learn photography, in fact, almost every artist are in use, but the key question is, if the ultimate goal of realistic imitation photos into paintings, and the loss of artistic creation initiative that photography can replace painting . Not to mention a very modern photographic technology has advanced, and even research to improve the sense of pursuing painting photography artistic effect. The key is to have between photography and painting a conversion process. Especially nowadays some contemporary art, but can be seen with a lot of pictures or images using the inkjet process, and even fabricated the so-called new ideas, to obtain the so-called shock effects. Neglect of painting expressive attention and research, will inevitably lead to regression and disappearance of artistic ability. Originally it was a common sense, reason to re-emphasize this issue today, has its practical necessity. For example a lot of copying Western contemporary art plane schemata. Certainly pay attention to modern art graphic composition, graphic sex, but the art of painting perspective, stress is not equal to the plane of the flat painted, but the compression of color relationships, achieve simplicity, the overall effect of the plane of the painting constitutes otherwise simplistic styling relations will lose the shape of artistic expression and the rich, and more. So just be aware of the rules and characteristics of oil painting art development, along the context leroy neiman rocky of the times, in order to constantly have new creation. And due to the lack of real life experience and research on expressive paintings, leaving an empty concept, with the bustle of broken foam will eventually be eliminated by history.


(by leroyneimanprints)

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