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Michelangelo's timeless charm

It would appear that Michelangelo position in today perhaps, but is the result of public awareness and tourism promotion activities. This may explain the Sistine Chapel and Academy Gallery (Florence, Italy, is the place where Michelangelo sculpture "David" is located) crowds of people, but it can not explain why so many people go to the British Museum Look at his sketch. Sketch is more elusive, more personal works, and often unfinished draft, absolutely no complete sculptures and paintings with the kind of shocking. However, it is the reflection of Michelangelo drawings pursuit of originality. Michelangelo once proudly declared that, although he has created thousands of images, but never repeat myself, this is where he got the best sketch verification. Through sketches of those who only used for testing, he repeated temper his own works. Looked at him for a lot of sketches of the same subject matter, we seem to be able to see many different ideas collide  leroy neiman rocky on paper. Michelangelo's work is never exhaustion resulting originality, this is one of the secrets of his enduring artistic charm.



The only bright spot is not the originality of works by Michelangelo, they also have a unique feature that is inherent to the human body and the human passion for the power of praise. No artists like Michelangelo had the same, and always make their characters work showing an almost subconscious feeling great. In the Sistine LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan Chapel fresco "The Last Judgment" (the Last Judgement) among the shock and awe of the power of Jesus from the center of the screen to reveal the natural ground, and around the apostles of Jesus also appears equally strong, even those that will be accepted Eternal punishment figures are no exception. In fact, in this painting, heaven and hell, the characters all seem to come out of the top students from bodybuilding training, Tongshen filled with infinite power. In the Western cultural tradition, almost no one had as Michelangelo did so obsessed with a sense of the glorious body weight. In his works, the most brilliant of our human body shape of the face of the world.


(by leroyneimanprints)

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