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Life focused on the woman's body - Picasso's erotic paintings

Therefore, when Picasso painted erotic public, despite the enthusiastic contributed busybodies, or only three cities worldwide exhibit the courage to accept,  leroy neiman rocky first, first in the world in the arts Paris (two OO year February 19 - May 20), followed by the unexpected Montreal (June 14 two OO year - September 16), the last is to cultivate Barcelona Picasso (25 October two OO year - - two OO 2002 January 25). Originally held just want to observe the interior into a similar exhibition, only to neighboring countries do not want to lose visitors the opportunity to aspire to make these three international art exhibition to become a major event.




About three hundred and fifty works on display, arranged in chronological order, showing the evolution of Picasso's style and content, but mainly Picasso's "visual libido" - he in the end to see what? They see? "Depending on the libidinal see sense", if you apply the "Dream of Red Mansions," the word "obscenity" can be understood as "head kinky."



Picasso himself has said that he will soon enter from childhood sexual maturity, whether in work or in life are not teenagers this stage. Childhood he moved with his parents to settle in Barcelona, ​​his father taught at the School of Fine Arts who had to learn. Then consider people of Madrid Royal College of Art in 1897. Two years later returned to Barcelona, ​​and soon found a cafe, a lower nightlife hotels and brothels, leaving  LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan many exercises that period sketch book. He also contacted Goya's "Fantasy Collection" and Fernand de Luo Yasi classic picaresque novel, "Seiler Cristina." This group of paintings and then the novel are the Spanish social customs have very bold exposure and description. Picasso himself thought of as anti-formalism, unruly vagabond, often with prostitutes in brothels field as a painting theme.



(by leroyneimanprints)

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