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Since 1846, he and the Barbizon School Castro capacity, Diaz become close friends. In Diaz's help, his works can be exhibited in several galleries, sold at  leroy neiman rocky low prices. From then on, he changed the way past the gorgeous, robust content depicting nude steering. In this year, sent Sharon works "Hieronymus" unsuccessful. In July, his eldest daughter Mary was born, the day seems worse poverty. Because there is no money to buy more than the canvas, the famous work "off the tree Oedipus" (Figure 8), turned out to be cut in on another piece painted canvas on the remainder.


In 1847, Miller and his enthusiastic supporters for him Wai Sang break close ties, and contacts as well as Hardy, Daumier, Pakistan by Utah, Rousseau and other artists. At this point he has to get rid of a magnificent way, some of the themes turned to his familiar farmers and rural life. "Oedipus off the tree," on display at this year's Salon, this work won praise. Gotti Egypt and caused a multi-column critic's attention, however, works for thick disagree.


In the revolution of 1848, many of Miller's friends have become enthusiastic republicans, but at this time he was suffering from a severe punishment joint rheumatism. For the February uprising in Paris, Miller's attitude is unknown, it seems that there is no ill-feeling for the republic, without review of the year in the works on Sharon, his work "Sieve Valley man" (Figure 16) to give praise to 5 million by the new government franc acquisition. Regardless of how Miller's own intentions, it can be considered to be a republic recognition. It works simultaneously with the creation of "Jewish Babylonian captivity" because reflect poorly Miller on top of it and repaint the "shearing woman", made the cover. Therefore, this work disappear. Then Miller's works, although it is mostly working people and history as its theme, but his direction of development is not yet clear. In LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan order to "republican" as the theme of the painting competition will, his work has not been selected. At this point, the Home Secretary Ledru, Roland remuneration to 1800 francs, whom Miller commissioned to draw "the Bible, the Old Testament" in the story, "Hagar and Ishmael", due July riots, the government cut off funds from the republican works draw stops.


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