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Claude Monet

"I like little birds warble, like painting," Monet said. In his opinion, motivated by nature is an essential quality real Impressionists, these words  leroy neiman rocky have no pretense to indicate a certain spontaneity. But this simple explanation is misleading but it is a key to making the process of modern painting radical revolutionary movements occurred before and after marking a turning point in Monet Monet painting.


Prior to this, even those who are close to the style of the Impressionists painters, also agreed to follow a specific technique: Always use midtone shadow screen itself is made of clear and dark color, like patch on canvas. Even the weather conditions and time of day changes also made strict rules; Meanwhile, light as a natural  LeRoy Neiman Michael Jordan phenomenon, whose only role is to candles to reveal the beauty of images and structures, rather than have their own characteristics. But the painter Monet and his colleagues also have different colors filling the shadows, body not being lit, but the light itself is naturally one of the components in the machine, it is not only the performance of the material world around us changing conditions, and convey a sense of itself in time flows.


(by leroyneimanprints)

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