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History of five Western painting: Renaissance of Flanders, France and Germany

Take the broad wall, and had to open many windows. To decorate the many windows on the front of the Gothic stained glass paintings appear; did enough, always want to have painted, so invent a wall, stand 


On the altar. Hubert painted altarpieces, are composed of twelve. The upper middle is God or Christ, the Virgin and baptized about John, which jack vettriano uk is flanked by female chorus ends are Adam and Eve, the next 


The central section is the "sheep worship," it is the pilgrim and the wings of the army of Christ. However, the arrangement approach these paintings, from the photo is somewhat different. Because for the first time in Europe before World War II, which has lost pieces 


In Germany, France and other places. But today the city of Ghent church preceding twelve all have. Hubert van Eyck's not a big person to complete this piece of work, because he dropped dead, the rest of the unfinished portion of his brother Janvan Eyck 


Points, so that the site can be jack vettriano The Singing Butler considered a masterpiece of Van Eyck brothers cooperate completed. Brother Hubert's work leaves much, but it works a lot of the younger brother Yang. There is a famous portrait of a model called the "Take carnation flower 


Man ", face and hand, foot and wrinkles are drawn very carefully, full of emotion, a lot of character. "Young Arnault Finney couple portrait" Although it is a bit gloomy pieces of art, but because it is the Dutch genre painting and later developed the class 

















(by jack vettriano uk)

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