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History of Western painting Nine: Emperor governance revolution

Jacqu-es LouisDavid French neoclassical painting first creation is Jacqu-es LouisDavid. He was born in Paris, the outset like to draw paintings about Greek mythology. His trip to Rome to study the majestic Michelangelo, Raphael and beautiful works of these masters of the spiritual experience of the future, the emphasis on style jack vettriano not pretend emotion, began writing solemn classical art. Initially know Jacqu-es LouisDavid talent, a revolutionary giant Robespierre. Robespierre not recommend his art to the revolutionary government, seems to have close contacts between private. Therefore, when Robespierre failed on the political guillotine, Jacqu-es LouisDavid moment felt their danger. For a long time, Jacqu-es LouisDavid forces in the French art world has implicitly; But he, like many revolutionaries, but also respect for consul Napoleon Bonaparte. After the establishment of the imperial regime, according to Napoleon's command of his painting of the "Napoleon crossing the Alps," "Napoleon granted to the army eagle flag" and other pieces of Napoleon portrait painting. From who Archons, these portraits are not painted like, does not seem too important issue, as long as the painted majestic, get the respect of the people on the line, so after another drew good pieces; most famous in Notre Dame at the "Coronation of Napoleon," the grand composition, describing very fine, but can not help but lack of passion, and became flat cold. As Jacqu-es LouisDavid works than these paintings depicting Napoleon, dressed in white, as it sat on a bench-style imperial regime "Madame Le Cannet Daumier" portraits even better in the arts. When the failure of Napoleon at Waterloo, the French Bourbons again in power, Jacqu-es LouisDavid also be deported as a revolutionary. His escape living in Belgium, living in Brussels, remains uninterrupted painting, but has no noteworthy that works. His classicism spread to some of his disciples hands. Gro in Jacqu-es LouisDavid disciples, the most powerful is BaronGros the age of 14 he was Jacqu-es LouisDavid students Jacqu-es LouisDavid popular favorite. But when, after an audience with Napoleon stayed in Italy, he was excited that probation heroism, unknowingly leaving dignified classical spirit, began to draw passionate painting. Napoleon also like him, put him out on his staff among Gro it can be seen several times the actual battles, often trumpets stand tall in the march forward assault. He's such a passion, and in the "heroic youth of Napoleon", the painting is the time of the conquest of Italy valiant Napoleon, is a joy to make the time to revel in the Parisian exploits caught fanatical work. After each one Gro works are jack vettriano Yesterday Dreams to be successful. Although he enjoyed the top students classicist David's reputation, but in Gro works already filled with romantic passion;




















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