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History of Western painting Nine: Emperor governance revolution(3)

Daumier as an emerging realist painter, first Aonuo Lai · Daumier (HonoréDomier ,1807-1877). Daumier was the son of Marseille glass craftsmen, from boyhood on the expressive power of keen observation and poets. Around two jack vettriano prints years old, as satire prints, exposing the shortcomings of the times, especially Wang laugh, so was sentenced to more than six months in prison. He was alive, but as a lithographic artist, his value is almost no one knows, but by the Barbizon school of Corot and others of great importance. 42, when suffering from eye disease, can not live in Paris, is Corot found him in the country house. It is said that Daumier poor famished, the people still love to help Corot, sent him to maintain the cost of living. Daumier to old age after gradually being considered a true artist, who managed to hold the hundreds of paintings exhibition of paintings by the Hugo, Balzac, Rousseau, etc. But today, but very little left. Daumier's work is simple and neat lines depict the shape of the object. "Corot's portrait" is naive pastel sketches, drawings is very correct. "Third-class compartment" is also a well-known works, "Gladiator" is also painted quite well, brilliantly describes the tense atmosphere and mood arena gladiator. Etc famous caricature exposed jack vettriano uk wrongdoing judges.


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