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History of Western painting seven: Dutch Painting(9)

But soon, Hendrick has died, then Titus also died. jack vettriano game  Rembrandt's later years is indeed bleak, said that when he died he left a painting tool box and a jacket. Dutch painter born in this world, is due to his outstanding talent, but as a society should not only be tragic to die. Rembrandt's death, there have not classic Dutch masters, only some creative genre painting from the good aspects to make people feel warm, and from the bad aspects of people say it is vulgar art called "Paint" . However, because they have a special significance in the history, it can not but have a little introduction. Genre painter in the "Paint", there are people who specialized in painting genre painting. Who is standing in the first row of Adrian Brouwer (Andrian Brouwer ,1605-1638), he is proud of Frans Hals students, precocious genius. Get to Amsterdam after fame, good at describing the lives of farmers, especially farmers face while saying joke laugh scene,jack vettriano Yesterday Dreams eating and drinking scenes, fights and so on. Pleasing is that painting filled with rich taste funny. From "playing cards quarrel", "an operation on his back" on the can savor the taste of his humor. David Teniers (David Teniers ,1610-1690) also depicts the painter of peasant life, "Chess" is an example of his art. Teniers indeed the people who live in the Netherlands court, although the description of the lives of farmers, but other more and Brouwer, but some noble simplicity of the place.


(by jack vettriano uk)

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