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Emperor Huizong's calligraphy anecdotes

One year, Vision and auxiliary flowers in front of the temple, jack vettriano prints a peacock wings fly vine positive pier, Zhao Ji as a topic to present artist to paint. Sometime later, the artist who are paying the volume, all of them naturally are drawn well. Finally, Zhao Ji said: "The painting is painted beautiful, but unfortunately are drawn wrong." An artist who, looked at each other for a long time speechless. Zhao Ji said: "Peacock climb, are the first to move his left foot, while you draw the first lift the right foot, so that the painting was wrong."


Painting Younian examinations to a Tang "Bamboo Restaurant jack vettriano uk lock bridge to sell" as the title of Examination painter. As a result, some painted bamboo, bridges, hotels; some painted bamboo, exposing the corner of the hotel, and so forth. These picture are not well received, there was a candidate named Li Tang (later to become the Southern Song Dynasty painter), he only drew a small bridge, the bridge drew a large bamboo, forest, pick a wine to recruit child, write a "wine" word, but it does not draw a hotel, this painting took Quebec.

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