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"Birth of Venus" painting on canvas (1432) 175X283 cm, hidden in the Uffizi Gallery, is his masterpiece, is the ruler of the Medici in jack vettriano prints  Florence was a distant cousin to draw in a piece of cloth painting, probably written in 1432 about the performance of the goddess Venus in this painting from floating out of the Aegean Sea, Aeolus, Flora shuttle around the scene, relatively simple composition, all painted in the nude goddess Venus centered . Posture and drapery on the screen is very good performance figures, characters and clever natural background also reached unity and concord, Venus is so indifferent to the feelings of shyness and Resentment in treating everything for her future life is not full of optimistic faith , but feel upset and confused, and this is reflected in jack vettriano Yesterday Dreams Botticelli contradictory worldview. This painting of Venus image, though emulate classical wax statue, but the style is full of innovation, emphasizing the beautiful and pure, but also has a subtle beauty.


(by jack vettriano uk)

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