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"Birth of Venus" painting on canvas (1432) 175X283 cm, hidden in the Uffizi Gallery, is his masterpiece, is the ruler of the Medici in jack vettriano prints  Florence was a distant cousin to draw in a piece of cloth painting, probably written in 1432 about the performance of the goddess Venus in this painting from floating out of the Aegean Sea, Aeolus, Flora shuttle around the scene, relatively simple composition, all painted in the nude goddess Venus centered . Posture and drapery on the screen is very good performance figures, characters and clever natural background also reached unity and concord, Venus is so indifferent to the feelings of shyness and Resentment in treating everything for her future life is not full of optimistic faith , but feel upset and confused, and this is reflected in jack vettriano Yesterday Dreams Botticelli contradictory worldview. This painting of Venus image, though emulate classical wax statue, but the style is full of innovation, emphasizing the beautiful and pure, but also has a subtle beauty.


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Emperor Huizong's calligraphy anecdotes

One year, Vision and auxiliary flowers in front of the temple, jack vettriano prints a peacock wings fly vine positive pier, Zhao Ji as a topic to present artist to paint. Sometime later, the artist who are paying the volume, all of them naturally are drawn well. Finally, Zhao Ji said: "The painting is painted beautiful, but unfortunately are drawn wrong." An artist who, looked at each other for a long time speechless. Zhao Ji said: "Peacock climb, are the first to move his left foot, while you draw the first lift the right foot, so that the painting was wrong."


Painting Younian examinations to a Tang "Bamboo Restaurant jack vettriano uk lock bridge to sell" as the title of Examination painter. As a result, some painted bamboo, bridges, hotels; some painted bamboo, exposing the corner of the hotel, and so forth. These picture are not well received, there was a candidate named Li Tang (later to become the Southern Song Dynasty painter), he only drew a small bridge, the bridge drew a large bamboo, forest, pick a wine to recruit child, write a "wine" word, but it does not draw a hotel, this painting took Quebec.


History of Western painting seven: Dutch Painting(9)

But soon, Hendrick has died, then Titus also died. jack vettriano game  Rembrandt's later years is indeed bleak, said that when he died he left a painting tool box and a jacket. Dutch painter born in this world, is due to his outstanding talent, but as a society should not only be tragic to die. Rembrandt's death, there have not classic Dutch masters, only some creative genre painting from the good aspects to make people feel warm, and from the bad aspects of people say it is vulgar art called "Paint" . However, because they have a special significance in the history, it can not but have a little introduction. Genre painter in the "Paint", there are people who specialized in painting genre painting. Who is standing in the first row of Adrian Brouwer (Andrian Brouwer ,1605-1638), he is proud of Frans Hals students, precocious genius. Get to Amsterdam after fame, good at describing the lives of farmers, especially farmers face while saying joke laugh scene,jack vettriano Yesterday Dreams eating and drinking scenes, fights and so on. Pleasing is that painting filled with rich taste funny. From "playing cards quarrel", "an operation on his back" on the can savor the taste of his humor. David Teniers (David Teniers ,1610-1690) also depicts the painter of peasant life, "Chess" is an example of his art. Teniers indeed the people who live in the Netherlands court, although the description of the lives of farmers, but other more and Brouwer, but some noble simplicity of the place.


(by jack vettriano uk)