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Two popular myth understanding of prints

For a long time, people do not know enough of the painting, on the one hand because it is itself complex and diverse craft materials, so that ordinary people difficult to understand and accept a short time; on the other hand, lies in the nature of its technology, many people think paint painting is crafts, less see it purely artistic expression.

(by jack vettriano prints)

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From the recent Small Island Arts District's "Love Painting ·

   Small Island lacquer painting art exhibitions inaugural" works, we can appreciate the expression of diverse painting style, not only leroy neiman prints earthquake table work "to stay live in hope, "there are highly decorative Joe ten light means the national theme" Splash "and then there's Cheng Xiangjun with abstract style" City · city "and the Soviet star" breeze · cicadas · ??Garden dream ", and like Chen Zhiqiang's "Hong Yun" is more realistic, and the young artists Feng Huiping "trying to restore the missing memory", breaking the boundaries of realism and decoration, is both like realism, but also has a flat decorative taste.

(by leroy neiman golf)

LeRoy Neiman Augusta Golf

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More expressive painting with paint

Before becoming an independent painting, painting had long been in the presence of a category of arts and crafts. Technology is the basis for the creation of the thomas kinkade christmas. In the early to become an independent painting, painting creative team are mostly born painter, creation emphasis on the technical use. With modern painting for decades constantly evolving, highly educational institutions of higher art painting more and more creators, more and more attention to the art of thomas kinkade prints. But how to handle the relationship between artistic and technical, has been a focal point along lacquer development.

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