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Survival of small and medium gallery

Each gallerist settled during the initial site, is the most likely to consider the position, space and cost, but not everyone's choice will be in strict accordance with the original plan to execute. If you encounter beyond the expected excellent space, even if cost overruns will take over the space with good location and reasonable structure will become a battleground, who was the first to grab the opportunity, for the future development will have a good business plan. For some practical small gallery, the gallery run it and they have not been given too idealistic colors, and each requires its own choices and decisions to bear the consequences. Artist management and promotion of art in the outside world may seem more like an act of spiritual level, but one of the doorways are not showing on the surface of the glamorous, gallery space in the final analysis, doing a business, identify the location and suited to their business model in order to make the outside world seems to become more and more real the dream of the industry.

(by leroy neiman prints)

LeRoy Neiman Elephant Triptych Prints On Canvas

LeRoy Neiman Elephant Nocturne Prints On Canvas

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