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How to choose decorative poster

Posters(Leroy Nneiman posters and their own style of decoration coordination, simple room with a modern and strong vibrant posters make the room, no optional frame poster. European and classical realist style poster bedroom choice, such as portraits, landscapes, etc. Plus the best relief frame, looked magnificent, elegant.


The color of the walls and interior furnishings have echoes not seem isolated. If it is dark and sedate style furniture, painting selected must coordinate with the simple elegance of ancient paintings. If simple bright furniture and decoration, the best choice lively, warm, avant-garde, abstract classes


And most importantly, of course, is to choose your own favorite, are minor compared to the other, can bring you joy and relaxation of mind is the greatest value of oil painting.


Try to choose a hand-painted oil painting, and now the market has printed coloring simulation painting, a long time will be oxidized color. General picture from stroke can distinguish: hand-painted oil painting picture has obvious concavity, and smooth screen printing, only partially fill with oil paints.
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