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Leroy neiman Early life

Leroy Neiman was born in 1921 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the son of Lydia Sophia (née Serline) of Braham, Minnesota and Charles Julius Runquist, who were married in 1918, and living at Grasston, Minnesota (Kanabec County). He was of Swedish descent. His father deserted his family, and when his mother married his stepfather, John L. Niman (Neiman) in 1926, LeRoy changed to the new surname as well. His mother divorced Neiman about 1935, and married for the third time in about 1940, to Ernst G. Hoelscher, of St. Paul. She died in St. Paul on November 14, 1985 at age 87. LeRoy was raised in the Macalester-Groveland and Frogtown neighborhoods of St. Paul. The home he lived in the longest, from about 1940 to about 1955, still stands at 569 Van Buren Avenue.

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11 paintings decorating method

Lead: decorative painting can give home spirituality, wisdom and ideas, as a pair of bright eyes can make the same wisdom and aura. So, without changing the color, layout, under the premise of the spatial structure, increase the space with art paintings level is definitely smart fast way.Rocky%20Balboa-380x380.jpg


  • Can be integrated into a space background paintings, twelve in the environment to form a visual point enough to realize when you enter the room first placement is the best place, the rest of the blank used to inspire the imagination.
  • You filmed album yet? Filmed it is best to do, and you can choose from a collection of their favorite enlarge it, then you can put on display in the living room, and both show their beautiful and decorate the living room. If not filmed can pick one of their favorite characters, it's enlarged photograph hanging at home, I believe the effect is the same.
  • Whether up or down, left and right, which can achieve a balanced mirror hanging method is the most simple and easy to operate. Select the picture, most still unified tone, meaning the picture, the best results.
  • Decorative painting portraits (Leroy Neiman posters)as big swing in such a space, with the unique shape of the furniture, art comes out of a sense of space. Decorative painting very brief introduction, a clear expression of the characters did not clearly outline, the mood is very beautiful, reminiscent of verbiage.
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Decorated match tricks


Want to use decorative paintings to decorate the home, but how to choose and mix again not quite understand this, we teach you a few small coup. It is understood that the first principle is to choose decorative painting and home decor consistent overall, followed by a different space for hanging decorative painting put different themes, in addition is the background, lighting and other details.

  •      Partial fit with modern decoration impressions, abstract painting classes, such as post-modern avant-garde fashion style decoration is particularly suitable with some themes with modern abstract decorative painting, full of personality can also choose decorative painting, such as abstract a personal image Posters -Leroy Neiman Posters
  •      Partial Chinese-style room is best to choose traditional Chinese painting, watercolor and gouache paintings, pattern traditional impressionistic landscapes, flowers, birds, fish and insects mainly. You can also choose to use special materials painting, flower mud painting, paper-cut paintings, woodcuts and paintings knots, because most of these decorative painting with a strong tradition of folk colors, and Chinese decoration style is very fit. In addition, this decoration Painting is also very suitable for those who have a special interest in this owner.
  •      Partial European-style rooms fit with paintings, pure European style for Western classical paintings, villas and other high-end residential might consider some portrait painting; Jane European houses can Xuanyi some impressionist paintings, garden decor with floral themes of the paintings can be.
     The best choice for the living room with decorative painting styles, you can occasionally use twelve different style of decorative painting embellishment, but not dazzling. In addition, as decorative painting particularly conspicuous, but the style is very clear, with a strong visual impact, that your best to match their style furniture, cushions and so on.


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