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Printing in Asia also been prepared

     With mainstream desktop publishing, printing and prepress processes will lose control. At present, the proportion of color printing and packaging products such as tea, from the current 58 per cent to 85 per cent in 2020, the inkjet printing technology will challenge the digital printing technology, but the file electronic transmission technology development of the printing industry has changed fundamentally look.Satellite%20Football-380x380.jpg
     With the evolution of personal computers, packaged software and standardized page description language appear, cash technology will further also deprived of control over the printing of production; tea packaging and other industries can complete the design and production designer after sending the file to the on any printing equipment, all print jobs are monochrome, except color jobs, almost all the newspapers are turning color printing, especially advertising space; magazines and Leroy neiman posters color pages also been significantly increase, in addition to the need for higher efficiency of color workflow


Export packaging companies, or will benefit

RMB outside influence within liter derogatory and manufacturing retracement outflow by the past few years, China's foreign trade has been in a downtrend. But in 2015 the US economy will maintain strong growth over 4 percent, the EU and Japan's loose monetary policy will also promote economic growth slightly, which will benefit China's exports Leroy Neiman posters.
However, low-end manufacturing to Southeast Asia and India transfer trend developed high-end manufacturing reflux does not change, it will weaken our exports. In addition, (TPP) chief negotiator conference "Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement," the United States, Japan and other 12 countries will hold a final consultation held in January, due to the end of the Japanese general election political stability, the expiration of the current US president wants to retire in the fall of 2015 something before, so Japan and the United States is expected to reach approximately agreement earlier in the spring 2015. Japan-US agreement, which means that TPP official closure. Because TPP carries with intellectual property protection, as well as compliance with antitrust and other provisions of the Convention on Human Rights, the current TPP China do not have access conditions. Although China resorted to APEC and the FTA to deal with, but with little success, therefore, TPP will bring greater impact to China's exports.
Initial anticipation, the first half of next year will show a wave of foreign trade warm spring bloom trend, as the trend of the future depends on the progress of the TPP. Another unexpected geopolitical crisis and the RMB exchange rate volatility on China's exports may also have a significant impact Leroy Neiman posters.



Thomas Kinkade Cinderella Wishes Upon A Dream


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