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Mark Visual painting of oil painting

Impressionist painters not only in the color on the big step forward, in the way of observation also began to innovate. In the past, people always follow the traditional, close to the tones of the tone to draw objects. At that time the impression can not draw Impressionist bright colors, because people are not entirely based on their own eye observation, but also the lack of scientific help, only in accordance with the "known" color to draw. Impressionist painters abandon all the traditional color concept, to capture the light caused by the color changes in the object produced by the visual experience, this feeling is purely personal, so the color is also very clear, rich and full of personality. Their purpose is still as objective as possible to reproduce the object objectively. Impressionist painters completely focus on capturing visual impressions and the pursuit of light color changes, they often ignore the object shape and contours, the object painted very loose and free, only the pursuit of color effects. It is hard for people who are accustomed to classical painting to accept their art. In order to keep the vivid and realistic work, the Impressionist painter mostly used the work as a creation, advocated in the light to complete the work once, back to the studio no longer modified.

Impressionist painting of the form of exploration and the pursuit of painting, so that painting becomes richer, more freedom, more painting features, it should be said that this is a painting of the liberation. But it is not desirable to ignore the function of painting and the neglect of educational function, which makes the Impressionist works often lack the social and historical sense of depth.

(by   Mark Spain


Realistic landscape pioneer - Albert Bierstadt

The existence of "painting" precedes "painting"; that is to say, "painting" is the projection of nature by the kind of observation that is found by painting. It is unreasonable to mention the fragrance of "painting". But if the style of Titian is "the style of painting", then we can understand it. That is to say, in the 16th century American painting appeared in the shape of color plastic. American painters do not like the Albert Bierstadt sketch after the first painting on the color, but immediately with color painting, gradually produced from the color shape. But this is no longer the shape of the painting, but the shape of the performance of the color, the shape of the painting.

The painters further penetrated this aspect. They no longer "painting" point of view of the world, and began to choose those in nature that most in line with the concept of the theme. Salvador Rosa chooses the theme for her own landscape painting. When the eighteenth century Americans knew the way to choose this theme, they liked it; they called it "painting". But the art based on the "painting" principle can not be the perfect art. Americans are only interested in some of the themes of nature, they make the artist's style obey a kind of guest-style elegance, listen to any knowledge to interfere with the independent works of art harmony. In order to obtain full and complete art, the painter should return to the natural theme of nature, in the "painting" outside the scope of seeking painting art.

(by Albert Bierstadt )


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