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Problems faced by the printing industry

Currently, in the context of economic globalization, the development of the printing industry to green, service, efficiency, digital, intelligent direction, new products, new technologies, new services, new business models are emerging, technology to accelerate the development process, technology and shortening product life cycles, technology integration and cross-technology integration and rapid development, these changes severely impact on the traditional printing industry, the era of big data, the printing industry must be stripped from the traditional, to the high-tech and innovationAmerican%20Gold-380x380.jpg
Due to the impact of the global financial crisis and the rapid development of new technologies (digital technology, network technology), the new services, new business models are emerging, the severe impact of the traditional printing industry, many companies in trouble, how to carry out technological innovation, How to upgrade to generate confusion. The future of the printing industry's main areas in which traditional and emerging markets will be how to change, whether Leroy neiman posters will be replaced, how will develop the next Leroy neiman posters, digital technology trends which, printing companies on how to upgrade and expand their business How to carry out technological transformation, printing companies are generally concerned about the issue.


Printing in Asia also been prepared

     With mainstream desktop publishing, printing and prepress processes will lose control. At present, the proportion of color printing and packaging products such as tea, from the current 58 per cent to 85 per cent in 2020, the inkjet printing technology will challenge the digital printing technology, but the file electronic transmission technology development of the printing industry has changed fundamentally look.Satellite%20Football-380x380.jpg
     With the evolution of personal computers, packaged software and standardized page description language appear, cash technology will further also deprived of control over the printing of production; tea packaging and other industries can complete the design and production designer after sending the file to the on any printing equipment, all print jobs are monochrome, except color jobs, almost all the newspapers are turning color printing, especially advertising space; magazines and Leroy neiman posters color pages also been significantly increase, in addition to the need for higher efficiency of color workflow


The collapse of large companies affected the printing industry

2014, Sakura Electric Appliances, Wintek and other large manufacturing enterprises have been closed down for the packaging and printing industry, wanted to knock the alarm.Michael%20Jordan-380x380.jpg If the Chinese economy continues to maintain the current situation in the domestic demand continues to weaken, shrinking exports, the future does not rule out a large level of billions or even hundreds of billions of electronic, electrical or shoes corporate bankruptcy.
     Because of the number of these enterprises payment is usually 90 or more, once the bankruptcy would destroy a large number of whom provide direct Leroy neiman posters suppliers.
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