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11 paintings decorating method

Lead: decorative painting can give home spirituality, wisdom and ideas, as a pair of bright eyes can make the same wisdom and aura. So, without changing the color, layout, under the premise of the spatial structure, increase the space with art paintings level is definitely smart fast way.Rocky%20Balboa-380x380.jpg


  • Can be integrated into a space background paintings, twelve in the environment to form a visual point enough to realize when you enter the room first placement is the best place, the rest of the blank used to inspire the imagination.
  • You filmed album yet? Filmed it is best to do, and you can choose from a collection of their favorite enlarge it, then you can put on display in the living room, and both show their beautiful and decorate the living room. If not filmed can pick one of their favorite characters, it's enlarged photograph hanging at home, I believe the effect is the same.
  • Whether up or down, left and right, which can achieve a balanced mirror hanging method is the most simple and easy to operate. Select the picture, most still unified tone, meaning the picture, the best results.
  • Decorative painting portraits (Leroy Neiman posters)as big swing in such a space, with the unique shape of the furniture, art comes out of a sense of space. Decorative painting very brief introduction, a clear expression of the characters did not clearly outline, the mood is very beautiful, reminiscent of verbiage.
  • ...view the full method-Leroy neiman posters


The collapse of large companies affected the printing industry

2014, Sakura Electric Appliances, Wintek and other large manufacturing enterprises have been closed down for the packaging and printing industry, wanted to knock the alarm.Michael%20Jordan-380x380.jpg If the Chinese economy continues to maintain the current situation in the domestic demand continues to weaken, shrinking exports, the future does not rule out a large level of billions or even hundreds of billions of electronic, electrical or shoes corporate bankruptcy.
     Because of the number of these enterprises payment is usually 90 or more, once the bankruptcy would destroy a large number of whom provide direct Leroy neiman posters suppliers.
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Introduction of bad news: the government lowered 2015 growth in foreign trade

Recently, the Minister of Commerce Gao in the national business work conference that China has 2015 foreign trade growth target for 2014 down from 7.5% to 6%.

In 2013, China's imports and exports grew 7.6%, up 1.4 percentage points higher than in 2012, but still below the annual foreign trade growth target of 8%. 2012, the annual foreign trade growth rate of only 6.2%, well below the 10% target set at the beginning of the year. 2014 foreign trade target of around 7.5%, but the first 11 months of export growth is only 3.4%, to complete the annual target already hopeless.

Although the forecast was lowered Gao claimed the last two years because of China's exports declined Leroy Neiman posters, but on the other hand can be interpreted as 2015 China will continue to maintain macroeconomic policies over the past few years, namely the continuity of the renminbi outside liter derogatory policies. In fact, the government of this policy will inevitability, after all, and safeguard the interests of state-owned real estate is to maintain the core interests of the decision-making layer.

Seen in this light, the future of 2015, China's exports clunker. In the case of weak foreign trade, China's packaging and printing industry is not optimistic!