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Van Gogh's main works and painting style

One of the most lonely people in the world: Vincent van Gogh (Vincent van Gogh), born in 1853 in Holland, is a priest's son, Van Gogh has done art dealers, bookstores, missionaries, but all Failed. In about 1880, Van Gogh decided to become a painter, since the end of his short life before the end of the decade, Van Gogh with great enthusiasm, very nervous for the painting work.

In 1888, the enthusiastic Dutch youth left Paris, to the south of France to find a strong light and color. In January, Van Gogh came to Al, playing after that, we have now known as Van Gogh and his colorful works. On the painting "Vincent's bedroom", there are three letters left Van Gogh can help us understand. In October 1888, when Van Gogh completed "Vincent's bedroom", he gave in Paris's brother Theo and friend Gauguin wrote two letters. A year later, when Van Gogh replicated the painting himself, he wrote a letter to Hager's sister, Phil, and gave the copy to her.

In the letter to Gauguin Van Gogh also added a sketch of the painting, he wrote: "... ... In addition, in order to decorate my room, I painted a picture of his bedroom painting No. 30. It and you know The nature of wood furniture is the same as the Xiu pull type.Describe such an empty room is a very pleasant thing.Color is a large touch flat painted, the wall is lavender, the floor is faded ocher, Chairs and beds are chrome yellow, pillows and sheets are green with lemon yellow, blankets with red blood in general, the dresser is orange, wash the mask is blue, and the window frame is green.I want to express through these colors Only the black box in the mirror is white.If you come, I would like to invite you to see this picture and many other works.We can also discuss these paintings, because I am completely like sleepwalkers As in painting, and sometimes do not know what they are painting ... ... "



leroy neiman rocky painting

Leroy Neiman worked in oil, enamel, watercolor, pencil drawings, pastels, serigraphy and some lithographs and etching. Leroy Neiman is listed in Art Collector's Almanac, Who's Who in the East, Who's Who in American Art, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World. He was a member of the Chicago Society of Artists. His works have been displayed in museums, sold at auctions, and displayed in galleries and online distributors. He is considered by many to be the first major sports artist in the world, challenged only in his later years by a new generation of artists like Stephen Holland and Richard T. Slone. His work is in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian, the Whitney Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the State Hermitage Museum in Russia, Wadham College at Oxford and in museums and art galleries the world over, as well as in private and corporate collections.

In 1998 he did all the illustrations for a special "Sports" as leroy neiman rocky oil painting issue of The Nation magazine, for which he received the magazine's standard fee of $150.


11 paintings decorating method

Lead: decorative painting can give home spirituality, wisdom and ideas, as a pair of bright eyes can make the same wisdom and aura. So, without changing the color, layout, under the premise of the spatial structure, increase the space with art paintings level is definitely smart fast way.Rocky%20Balboa-380x380.jpg


  • Can be integrated into a space background paintings, twelve in the environment to form a visual point enough to realize when you enter the room first placement is the best place, the rest of the blank used to inspire the imagination.
  • You filmed album yet? Filmed it is best to do, and you can choose from a collection of their favorite enlarge it, then you can put on display in the living room, and both show their beautiful and decorate the living room. If not filmed can pick one of their favorite characters, it's enlarged photograph hanging at home, I believe the effect is the same.
  • Whether up or down, left and right, which can achieve a balanced mirror hanging method is the most simple and easy to operate. Select the picture, most still unified tone, meaning the picture, the best results.
  • Decorative painting portraits (Leroy Neiman posters)as big swing in such a space, with the unique shape of the furniture, art comes out of a sense of space. Decorative painting very brief introduction, a clear expression of the characters did not clearly outline, the mood is very beautiful, reminiscent of verbiage.
  • ...view the full method-Leroy neiman posters