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Thomas Kinkade A Peaceful Time


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leroy neiman Locations

leroy neiman Locations prints

                                                    《Diamond Head - Hawaii》

LeRoy Neiman Diamond Head - Hawaii Prints

《New York Stock Exchange》        LeRoy Neiman New York Stock Exchange Prints

《Portrait of Liberty》

   LeRoy Neiman Portrait of Liberty Prints


《The 21 Club》

     LeRoy Neiman The 21 Club Prints

《X-Rated Filmmakers》           LeRoy Neiman X-Rated Filmmakers Prints


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Oil painting contrasting colors 2

      Despite its unique body shape impressionist colors are subject to the object as a whole feeling of the moment, but today's artist is using contrasting colors, from a single strong color start painting.
     For example, had to be some kind of Leroy Neiman attracted by bright blue material, so they look for it in the contrast material, and according to carefully estimate of contrasting colors to draw his paintings; also careful comparison test, be careful not to make this The quality of color in the paintingThe%20Lights%20of%20Broadway-380x380.jpg because of altered too compromised. To this end Leroy Neiman put some colored paper or other material on some parts of the picture temporarily, in order to try to figure out some kind of color effect that he considered. Thus, Leroy Neiman you can use green instead of red, etc., to test its effectiveness, without compromising screen. In a contrasting color in painting techniques, "Valeurs" very beautiful colors that change plays an important role. By monotonous and vulgar contrasting colors for a very harmonious development of the whole painting, the effect is quite subtle. The position of each color can be individually and as a whole in accordance with its shades need to be carefully considered, so that the picture becomes a continuum. Get best results by changing the color contrast of cold and warm, like a contrast of cold red lip color in warmer with bright red cheeks.