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Printmaking art market is expected to become the dark horse

In recent years, the price of rising American prints, such as limited edition prints of famous signatures in more than ten million more than the average price over the previous two years, up to at least double. Part of the master's original works have reached hundreds of dollars or even thousands of yuan. Seen from market transactions prints, prints investors awareness rising, the number of American printmaking enter the market increased significantly, the amount of money began to increase, printmaking price soared. Early prints made ??investors much better returns, more collectors and institutions began to pay attention and dig prints "gold mine", a number of galleries and art institutions will also be targeting print market.
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Jack Vettriano His Favourite girl Prints

Jack Vettriano Game On Prints

Jack Vettriano Table for One Prints


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Ruoshi line before the global art market

According to statistics, the first half of the auction Sotheby's net income increased 24%, reaching $ 2.07 billion. This is attributed to the good momentum of the global auction, especially Hong Kong and London commission income reached $ 403.8 million, an increase of 18% over the previous year. According to statistics, in the first half of 2014, Sotheby's collection from 46 countries worldwide auction, and successfully attracted collectors from 56 countries participating. Sotheby more actively expand the customer base and new customers accounted for 22% of all bidders.

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Prints collection has the potential to be tapped

The first is the quality of the artist, including the creation of standards artists, artistic style, and whether a place in art history.

Generally speaking, the greater the influence of artists, the value of its limited edition prints are also higher. "But we must pay

attention to explore the potential of the artist, in order to temper their eyesight or fabian perez untitled, the relative purchasing the original, this trial

and error cost is minimal."

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