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Prints collection has the potential to be tapped

The first is the quality of the artist, including the creation of standards artists, artistic style, and whether a place in art history.

Generally speaking, the greater the influence of artists, the value of its limited edition prints are also higher. "But we must pay

attention to explore the potential of the artist, in order to temper their eyesight or fabian perez untitled, the relative purchasing the original, this trial

and error cost is minimal."

(by fabian perez prints)

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Copy prints are printed

To address this issue, renowned curator Ye Guanghua also make representations, "limited edition prints is to get artists or art funds

authorized, relying on modern high-tech, with more than 10 billion pixels in the original three-dimensional scanner, digital high

imitation Weipen printing technology made ​​in this process, the artist must be guidance and supervision, including paintings warm and

cold colors, light and shade, both artists have the final say, to embody the artist intent. limited edition prints do not seek to

restore the original hundred percent painter may require a bit deeper than the original color or a little shallow. "Therefore, limited

edition prints can also be regarded as the second creation painters. General printed just red, yellow, blue, black overprint to the

Fourth Edition of screening, and modern silkscreen prints to complete a work, it normally takes 20 spot color version of the overlay,

and more to reach 50-60 spot color version , aesthetic ability and technical standards and prints its makers can not be compared.
(by thomas kinkade prints)

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