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Leroy neiman learning to use tempera painting figures



British exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci sketches of human anatomy

500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci drew his hands against a lot of

incredible human anatomy sketch accuracy comparable with modern

digital imaging technology. In an era dating back to the 1498's

notes, he painted a series of skull sketch. To draw these

sketches, Leonardo da Vinci will face the tip cut off, exposing

the underlying structure. In the case without damaging the bone

is cut and easy to complete. To help us understand the whole

process, he deliberately drew the picture with a scalpel.



Multiple explore contemporary printmaking

The first clue printmaking exhibition will be divided into four different units, namely, "the philosophy of language," "the logic

behind", "liberation tool," Special Exhibition "trail - Tan Ping 1984-2014" four parts. Curator of American Painting Artists Association

Committee leroy neiman version although the content is different, but they all mention of this exhibition will be more emphasis on

academic topics reflect multiple identities prints, as well as a variety of possibilities, emphasizing printmaking and other media


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