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Combination of concrete and the abstract

In the field of painting, surrealism in general, there are two trends: First, jack vettriano as the representatives of Abstract Expressionism, whose theme is "thought control imagine not depict" on their screen, though the image in the normal reproduction to some extent, but in reality closer to abstraction. Source of this trend is the Dadaist were accidental, automatic doctrine experiments, as well as automatic surrealist poet poetry; another direction jack vetttriano prints surrealist Salvador Dali painting is, Magritte represented. They are accustomed to be familiar everyday scenes, objects placed in an unnatural environment, as seen in a dream, like a scene in a wonderful twist all the way together. Its source is Henri Rousseau, Ensor, who art, and nineteenth-century romanticism. These artists tried to use Freud's theory of the unconscious into the painting, you can say, Freud's theory of the subconscious and surreal dream is the source of all aspects of jack vettriano uk)


4 Steps leroy neiman prints

1, hook contour

Classical oil painting silhouette is also very particular about, in general we cooked brown, gray Payne, zinc white hook into a light gray outline, to be dry;

2, sketching draft

LeRoy Neiman Mickey Mantle prints direct painting before painting the real color, we must first cooked brown, gray Payne, raw sienna, zinc white into a graded color scale, painted a sketch-like monochrome painting, to be dry after thoroughly, rubbed with Shar raised portion;

3, layered plain

The biggest feature is the classical techniques cover stained, methods: modulation spent-color oil painting color to transparent. Layered color to monochrome painting after layer dry, polished, and then the next level, from dark to bright, layers of rendering.

4, save

Good painting after painting, in order to allow LeRoy Neiman Mickey Mantle picture better, longer preservation, we want half of the painting after some "Varnish."

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6 painting classical painting Detailed steps

Oil painting, painting perhaps you are learning the content, if you want to learn classical oil painting step, you can look at the network and Chinese art college entrance examination following six steps, you might be able to help arts candidates.

The basic steps of classical painting is roughly:

1, do foundation:

Artist leroy neiman not like us so lazy, you see several thousand paintings and still save to save very well, and why? Painting perhaps now people will not come off for a few years, learning all in the production of canvas top, about production of canvas you can go to my website:
2, initial color

Most classical paintings tone soy sauce, leroy neiman rocky paintings taste is very strong, how come such an effect? ​​With brown colored pencil carefully BEDDING

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